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Hi Jene

I just spoke to a e mail/internet rep from At&T and he said that the account was free if I wanted to switch over to any other internet service.

Now not sure if it is because my phone service is with them and all I want to do is change the internet service…


I asked” if I was to switch my internet service over to Comcast or any other internet service, would it be possible to keep my e mail addy) with my e mail?

Or would I have to change over to the new internet service name, for example my current e mail is sugarsyl71@...

Could I keep this even if I was at comcast service? Or would I have to change it.”

I was told that At&T would still support comcast or any other service and I could keep my e mail s is free and even call them for any tech support for e mails etc…

Now I am not sure if all that is correct, I found it hard to believe so I will keep asking.

Again maybe because I don’t plan to change my phone service, just the internet.

My next step is to ask comcast and then AT&T again to confirm.

Thank you for your reply, it gives me something to think about.




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You can ask if you can pay to keep yur e-mail account with your current provider.  I don't know how many providers do this.  A small Internet company I had used for quite sometime before switching to AT&T allows you to have your e-mail account remain there for a small monthly charge.  Aside from that possibility, I know of no way you can keep your account.  If you find you are going to switch, I think using gMail is a very good idea.  That way, no matter what provider you use in future, you can keep your e-mail account.



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Hi all

Not sure if this is appropriate for this list but I wanted to know and had nowhere else to ask. Smile


If I change my internet service over to comcast, am I able to keep my current e mail Addy of sugarsyl71@...?

Or would I have to change it over to something

At&T is charging a crazy price if I go over my usage and I am needing to find a better deal.




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