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Quentin Christensen

If you are using NVDA on Windows 10, the feature is built in.  If you are using NVDA on earlier versions of Windows, there is an add-on:

When NVDA reports that the document is empty, press NVDA+R to run OCR.
Once done is announced, either use the regular navigation and reading keys to read just as any other document (Windows 10), or if using the add-on, use the review cursor (see for the keystrokes).

In both cases, press ESCAPE when done.



On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 12:16 PM Kay Malmquist <kay.malmquist@...> wrote:
I have a users guide that I would like to read.  However, when I open the document I get the message alert empty document.  It must be a scanned image.  Any way to read this?  Thanks much.
Kay Malmquist
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