Re: Copying large amounts of stuff

Angelo Sonnesso

For my example I will assume that you files are on e:\mp3 and that you sending them to c:\mp3
From the command line
Xcopy e?\mp3\*.mp3 c:\mp3 /d /I /s
This should do it.
There are other ways, but this works pretty fast.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Hi All,

On my main computer, I have a very large folder of mp3 (music) files. On several external drives, I have folders of the same type containing much of the same stuff. I'd like to copy what I need from the externals to my main drive to make a master containing everything. However, when I do this, I'm doing a lot of replacing; when folders and files already exist on the target drive. Question is: Is there a command set or software program that will copy just the fresh stuff and ignore the existing duplicate stuff? It sure would be a time saver if it could be done.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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