Re: exFat to NTFS What are the benefits?


How are you going to use the drive?  I used to know more about the comparisons of formats but I haven't read about it for two or three years or more.  I believe that NTFS is not compatible with certain operating systems such as Linux, (spelling.)  It may be now with Apple but I don't think it was for a time.  But I think the main reason external drives may not be formatted in NTFS is for the widest possible compatibility.

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Subject: [TechTalk] exFat to NTFS What are the benefits?

Hi folks.  I've just recently purchased a Western Digital 16tb external drive (2x8tb).  The format is ExFat and I did intend changing it to NTFS but as I don't know the advantages or disadvantages of either system is it worth the effort to convert.  What is the difference between the two and which is most recommended?  Also, how long does it take to convert a 16tb drive?  The drive is empty by the way, I've not had time to put anything on it.  All help appreciated.  Walter.


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