Re: Microsoft does it again

Steve Matzura

You can't live in the dark ages forever. At some point,some program on which you rely for your daily online or computational existence will cease to function in Windows 7, or some bit of nastiness will get past your Windows 7-only defenses, and you'll wind up being asimilated into the Windows 10 collective. It happened to me in early 2017. I couldn't go back if I wanted to any more. Too many programs I require are now being supported and actively developed for Windows 10 only, and some just plain don't function correctly, if at all, on Windows 7 any more.

On 12/8/2018 6:22 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

Yet another reason to avoid updating to Windows 10 as long as possible.  If your Windows 7 machine still does everything you need it to do, there is really no good reason to upgrade to Windows 10 unless your the type who enjoys aggravation.


On 12/8/2018 5:25 AM, Gene wrote:
I really don't think people should apply any updates from Microsoft until a few days or maybe a week later if using Windows 10.  If Microsoft becomes reliable in the quality of its updates again, this caution may not be necessary but I think it is now.  This is one more reason why. 
I'm not sure where you can check to see if problems have been found with updates but others may know.  I'm also not sure if this caution should extend to all versions of Windows or just be used with Windows 10. 

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