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Hmm I agree with you on this, but that's because if I am going to
spend that price on a phone. I am going to get something that does
everything, and comes from a company that I know is good.

On 12/11/18, Gerald Levy <bwaylimited@...> wrote:

A slight correction.  Kapsys phones are sold through Irie-AT, a
relatively unknown online company that sells products for the blind from
other, relatively unknown companies.  They are certainly not as
well-known in the blindness community as ILA, Maxi-Aids, AT Guys  and
LS&S Products.  And although their Kapsys Smart Vision 2 phone may sound
like the greatest invention since sliced bread, it is hard to justify
spending $900 for a phone made by an obscure manufacturer that is sold
by an equally obscure online  merchant who may or may not be around when
you need help or tech support.  Caveat emptor.


On 12/11/2018 8:36 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

I am very skeptical about Kapsys, a relatively littel-known start-up
company whose phones seem overpriced for what they offer.  Since their
products are aimed at a small, niche market, their long-term viability
isquestionable.  Remember Odin Mobiel, a similar company whose mission
was to offer accessible, blind-friendly cell phones?  How did that
work out? Where are they now?  How many blind consumers got stuck with
their products?  Unfortunately, it may simply not be possible to find
a basic, affordable cell phone that offers both a tactile keypad and
talking caller ID.  But to me, it is important for someone who is not
tech savvy to be able to handle a cell phone that he/she isinterested
in before actually buying it.   Obviously, this is not possible with
the Kapsys phones, which, at present, are not sold through major
retailers like Target, Walmart,Best Buy or Costco. So if you shell out
$900 for a Smart Visions 2 phone, and Kapsys goes belly up like Odin
Mobile, you're totally screwed.


On 12/11/2018 7:47 AM, Gene wrote:
They appeal to seniors who don't have enough vision loss to make the
phone not properly accessible.  The question is, are there phones
that serve those who are in that category?
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No, I don't think Jitterbug phones offer speech output.  But they are
designed to be "ssenior friendly", wwith large, tactile buttons and
other features designed to appeal to seniors or others who are not
tech savvy or do not want a traditional touchscreen smart phone.


On 12/11/2018 7:01 AM, Brian K. Lingard wrote:

Dear Gene & List:

Do Jitterbug cell phones offer Speech output?

Brian K. Lingard

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Does it have talking caller ID?  I doubt it.


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Tell your friend to visit a nearby Best Buy store and check out the
Jitterbug phone.  Jitterbug is now owned by Best Buy, and their
Geek Squad technicians can help your friend get started.


On 12/10/2018 8:46 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I have an elderly, partially-sighted friend. Her flip phone died,
but she needs a replacement. She went to three Wal-Marts and could
not find a flip phone that would announce a caller. I suggested that
she go to a Verizon store, and she thought she might call Maxi-Aids
and Independent Living. She just wants a phone to use as a phone
strictly, doesn't even want texting. They told her at Wal-Mart that
their only suggestion was an iPhone - like yeah, I'll bet they'd
like to have five or six hundred dollars for that phone that would
literally overwhelm my poor friend, who lives 1,200 miles from me.

Best regards,

Carolyn [] On
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Sent: Monday, December 10, z2018 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Kapsys SmartVision 2 cell phon> It’s good
to know that there are android phones that have physical keyboards.
It’s good to know that these phones are main stream. I don’t think
there’s any need to go with a phone made for the visually impaired
if you can get one from a mainstream company. Chances are, you’ll be
better off in the long run. Give yourself a chance to learn how to
use a phone with a touchscreen. That may be the only choice any of
us will have an a few years. I don’t know how long phones with
physical keyboard will be around.

On Dec 10, 2018, at 2:41 PM, Carolyn
Arnold<4carolyna@... <mailto:4carolyna@...>>
The ones Olusegun mentioned are more up to date too.
Once I finally got used to a touch screen, I would not want a phone
with buttons. They seem clumsy now and like they don't react as
quickly as the touch pad and text fields on a touch screen. We all
have different wants and needs.

Best regards,

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Fanus, whether or not the asking price for Capsys phone is worth its
price depends on how much you're willing to pay for it.  If you're
happy with a touchscreen device in the mainstream market, keep
with it.  However, if using a smartphone is important to you and you
need one that comes with a tactile keypad, then Samsung Folder2 and
Blackberry's KeyOne, both in the mainstream market, may be worth
looking at.  They are certainly far more cheaper than the Capsys
and getting tech support if necessary could be a tad easier since
these devices are in the mainstream.

I've never played ball with any of these devices 'cause I prefer
touchscreen devices and have a few of them that I throw against the
wall for fun time and time again, yikes, silly me!  I will only
for the likes of Capsys if I can't seem to find anything in the
mainstream market that does what I am trying to accomplish with ease
even if there's a slight learning curve.
Good luck on the decision-making process and all the very best!

Denver, Colorado
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