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Hi Troy,
Here you go:
If you want to make the AppData folder accessible you can try the following but, you will probably need Administrator rights to do this.
1. Press, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialogue then type a single period, as you would at the end of a sentence and press enter.  This is a shortcut to put you into the User / Name folder.
2. Press, Alt + F, then press the letter, O, to open Folder Options, then Control + Tab to the View tab.
3. Tab to the advanced settings Tree Biew files and folders, if it's closed right arrow to open.
4. Press the letter, H, to go to Hidden files & folders open.  Down arrow 2 times to, Show hidden files, folders and drives, off , now press the spacebar to turn this to, On.
5. Down arrow to, Hide protected operating system files, recommended on, and press the spacebar to turn this off.  You will get a warning dialogue so, tab to, Yes, and press the spacebar to accept.  Tab to, Okay, and press enter to save and close Folder Options.  Note:  This will allow you to see all the files / folders but, to access / open some them you might need Administrator priviledges.
6. Now in your User / Name folder you are going to have a lot more files and folders.  to permanently unhide any  of these folders, if accessible, keep reading. 
The, AppData, folder should be the 2nd from the top right under, 3D Objects.  Highlight the, AppData, folder and press, Alt + Enter, to open the properties of this folder.  You should be on the, General tab so, tab to the, Hidden checkbox checked, and press the spacebar to uncheck it.  Now tab to, Apply press the spacebar, this might take a little time because it has to process a lot of information, now tab to, Okay, and press enter to save and close.
If everything is accessible and works you will be able to access the AppData folder whenever you need to without going into Folder Options to do so.
7. Now remember to go back into Folder Options and reverse the settings you changed to make files, folders, drives and protected operating system files viewable, steps 2 thru 5.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Hi all,

How do I unhide folders in windows 10? I need to get to the AppData
folder and it seems to be hidden.



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