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I constantly wear off the letters & numbers from the keys because of
how long I keep my keyboards. I kept my last keyboard for at least 5
or 6 years. The only reason I got a new one was there was a really
good sale on the same kind but a newer model of the keyboard I use I
had and my sister blatantly said that she couldn't use my keyboard
because it didn't have any labeling left. For me I'm picky about my
keyboards and how they feel when I type on them. Keeping things clean
and taking care of what I have is a habit I got into a long time ago.
I wish I could share the video I saw years and years ago that is a
recording of a teenager going ballistic over a game. He was yelling @
the screen, I guess it was cussing as it was in German. Lol I guess he
lost because he went all “hulk smash” on his keyboard, breaking it
into so many pieces that the keys were flying everywhere. It was quite
a thing to behold. I can totally believe the specs about pc repairs
being because of enraged owners. People don’t have respect for things
anymore and go for the easiest route.


On 9/1/15, Carlos <> wrote:
I read an article a couple of years ago which indicated that the largest
percentage of PCs taken in for repairs were damaged by enraged owners.
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I totally agree. However many people don't take care of anything in our
disposable culture so it's not surprising to see people mistreating there
pc's. I've witnessed people pounding keys out of grustration as I posted
earlier. They don't look at problems as puzzles that can be solved, they
take it personally, Like it's an attack on their intelect. Raised voices,
raised blood pressure followed by humiliating defeat.
By the time they swallow their pride and ask for help their at their wits


It's really something,

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