Re: Looking to sell an item


FYI the Blind-BST list membership is now up to over 800 list members!
It's outpacing all other
buy, sell, trade lists by a wide margin. To subscribe just send a
blank email message to


On 12/15/18, Blaster <> wrote:
Hi Ashley, You will probably have better luck over at the blind, sell
and trade group. It's a great list and you'll see a bunch of listings
for just about anything you can think of, including non-working
computer equipment.

It's a list so to join it just send a blank e-mail, just
like you did to join this list at:

Good luck,

On 12/15/18, Ashley Breger via Groups.Io <>
Hi guys I have a Sarah scanner that is no longer in working condition but
with some repairs it could be fixed would anyone be interested in this?

Ashley Breger

Affordably priced Accessible Talking MP3 Players, Accessible phones,
Bluetooth devices, and accessories
Phone: 727-498-0121
Skype: lazmesa
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