NAS drive accessibility

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  A while back I asked about the difference between Raid 0, Raid 1 etc.  As a result of the response I now have a better understanding of those options.


My question now is still about large drive systems but in particular NAS drives.   For the amount of stuff I have my computer guy is of the opinion that I really should move away from USB storage to network storage; hence my question about NAS drives.


My computer guy will help me configure whatever NAS system I go for but he asked me to ask you about which interface is best for working with JAWS.  If I need to get into the settings how accessible it will be and that Jaws sees what is on the screen is important, obviously.


For example; in a multibay setup and if one of the drives fails how efficient would JAWS be at seeing the information I would need to identify which of perhaps the 10 drives is the problem drive.  He has seen over the years he has been doing work for me that Jaws sometime just doesn't see what is on the screen.


So, all you folk who use large multi-bay systems, which brand would you recommend for accessibility.  Your help would be appreciated before I commit to large amounts of money.  With thanks.  Walter.




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