windows 10, jaws and thunderbird

Keith S

I am currently wasting a lot of time downloading my emails to my windows xp machine with OE, putting emails with links on them I wish to look into further (petitions, polls, etc) onto a thumb drive and then starting my windows 10 computer with jaws 2018 on it and opening the thumb drive on the win10 computer, clicking on the email I wish to look into further and having thunderbird open the email.
Because IE 6 on windows xp does not open any of the links in emails anymore, I have to do this (basically because I am still learning jaws and thunderbird)
In short, when I open the thumb drive, select the email and do what I want to do and then alt F4 to close the thunderbird window, and hit the delete key to delete the email I just read, I am pulled out of the folder I have the emails stored  in on the thumb drive and am pushed into  another folder on the thumb drive.
Hitting the backspace key does not move me back one layer, so to speak in the drive and neither does the alt left arrow key.
Also when I hit the control tab key combo jaws does not rotor and read the menu bar, so I am forced to hit the start key, hit F (I pinned a shortcut to the thumb drive on the  start menu, and then the thumb drive opens.
My win10 computer was not doing this before (meaning, not moving to another folder after hitting the delete key on a file)
What gives?
Any tutorials on using jaws and thunderbird?

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