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Walter Ramage

Hi.  So far it is working however in the reformatting I lost 6.5tb of material.  I'm in the process of replacing it but it is going to take a few days to do so.  After that I'll know if I have full access back.  However so far, so good.


The drive was named M1 (that's for music 1) and when I went to my computer M1 didn't show anywhere but the drive did show as Local disk(g) but when I opened it I couldn't do anything with the files; either change file or folder names nor delete anything.  Device manager said it was working properly but clearly it wasn't.


Now I've formatted it as NTFS I've got functionality back, for the meantime but I'll know for sure in a few days when all my files are back on the drive and I try to work with them.  Walter.


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I just read Walter's question, and Mike's Possible solution which was a good suggestion and sometimes it works. For Walter, I wish I had read your message before you reformatted your drive, I'm glad that worked for you, however reformatting doesn't always work. sometimes, let's just say, windows gets a little confused and even if you think it's seeing your drive, because it's popping open the auto play window, asking you to scan or fix the drive. As soon as you tell windows to do it, when you believe everything is fine, well it is, but windows is confused. I've had this happen with external drives and thumb drives and using this software you can fix it. One of the options you'll find in the software is to give that drive or flash  drive a drive letter, you'll be able to go through a number of drive letters. Of course you''ll have to be on the drive you working on. It will be one of the drives that will show up in this softwarewhere you won't be able to see it in windows until it's fixed. the drive letter assignment table is just a little confused. Usually, I've always had success sorting the situation with a third party application. Most of the time the one I go too is AOMEI Partition Assistant . For most things in the free personal addition  is adequate. Note this is a  powerfull application and when you use it, if you don't know what to do then don't do it or you could ask me. For all of you that want to add this to your application tool box here's their web address:











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Hi.  Yeh, I did try that but it still had the same problem.  The drive was exFat but I bit the bullet and reformatted it as NTFS and it appears to be working fine now although I've lost all the files on it and it is going to take a few days to transffer all the 6.5tb worth of files back on to the drive.  Walter.


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Hi Walter,


Have you tried plugging the WD drive into a different port?

Take care.  Go Rams!
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Hi All.  This morning I was working with three of my external drives, 2seagate drives and a WD My book drive.  I am using Windows 7 64bit.


I am, or was using JAWS 2018 but I found Jaws would go silent for nearly 10 seconds every time I did something or changed windows.  This was annoying so I installed the latest version of Jaws (2019).  Before I did this installation all was fine with my drives but I shut them down before the install of Jaws.  When done I turned all three back on and the Seagate drives started up fine but I got a Windows dialogue asking me if I wanted to scan and fix the WD drive.  Since I knew all was well previously I said no and I got the normal dialogue i.e. do I want to open the drive with explorer.  When I did all my files were their but I couldn't do anything with them such as rename files etc.  I closed the drive down and went back to my computer but my WD drive didn't show.  I went to Device manager and it was there and said it was working correctly but clearly it isn't.  I have turned off the drive and disconnected it and then re-connected it again but I still get the scan and fix dialogue and I've said yes a couple of times but seconds after I've hit the start button I get the auto play dialogue again.  Any suggestions as to how I can get my drive to show in my Computer once more please.  Walter.



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