Re: looking for a set of USB computer speakers

Walter Ramage

Hi. I'm late on this thread. My Mini PC has a headphone jack that won't work either, not sure why, even my computer guy didn't get it to work and can't find a reason why. He got from Amazon a USB to 3.5mm headphone socket adaptor and that has solved my problem and it will be cheaper than new speakers. Walter.

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Hello Peter,

I saw those speakers when I looked, but the 3.5 mm plug it mentions
needing to use is the same thing that would go into my 1/8-inch jack
that doesn't work is it not?


On 12/27/2018 9:16 AM, Peter Spitz wrote:

Try these, they are USB and have good reviews.

On 12/26/18, Troy Burnham <> wrote:
Hi all,

The earphone/speaker jack on my laptop appears to not work, so can
anybody recommend speakers that I can plug into the USB port or a hub
and they'll work?

I want a set and not just one because if I can I want to put one on each
side of the laptop. I looked on amazon yesterday but it sounded like
the set I found were USB powered but still had a 1/8-inch plug that
would have to be used, and as I mentioned above that plug appears not to
work on this machine.



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