Re: Can the Latest Winamp Get Data for Ripping CD's?

Robin Frost

I too am interested as I’m now using a USB plug and play dvd drive for ripping and CDEX at least the older version 1.72 can’t even see the drive even though it appears in File Explorer under Windows 10. So I too would like to know what is usable out there for ripping only.
Thanks in advance.

From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Can the Latest Winamp Get Data for Ripping CD's?
Perhaps you will get an answer from someone who uses that version.  I don't.  Whatever the case regarding Winamp and data bases, there are many good ripping programs and there is more than one data-base.  You might be better off using CDEX for ripping CdS because, at least years ago, you could select between two data bases.  But if you use it, use the portable version.  The installed version tries to put additional programs on your machine which you probably don't want.  Others who use the program can discuss these matters further if you are interested.
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From: Evan Reese
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 6:18 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Can the Latest Winamp Get Data for Ripping CD's?
Hey Guys,
I’m using the 5.66 version of Winamp. I’ve heard there’' is now a later version but
I haven’t picked it up yet. I did think though that since there is now a later version,
my Winamp would be able to either reconnect with Gracenotes and get the data for
the CD, or some other database when I tried to rip a CD with my version, but while
it still tries to connect to Gracenotes, it never finds any matches. I tried several
CD’s, and I’m either getting that “no matches” message, or it tells me that I have
a bad CD, which is also something I used to see sometimes after Winamp lost its license
to use Gracenotes. It used to be really good at identifying CD’s, even really obscure
ones, which I have quite a few of.
Does the latest Winamp have access to a database again? If so, why doesn’t version
5.66? If not, then the latest Winamp can still rip CD’s, but it won’t know what they
are, which seems a bit strange with a new version out just recently. I would have
thought that either the Gracenotes license would have been renewed, or some other
database would be used.
Could someone let me know what’s up with that?
Thanks very much.

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