Re: Eltrinex, stereo and audio splitting


The Eltrinex recorder is a portable recorder much like the Olympus
recorders. I have been in talks with the manufacturer and hope to have
them for sale early in 2019. All the menus are accessible and unlike
the Olympus recorders you can hear the file names spelled out instead
of being completely silent. It also has an FM radio.

Happy New Year!


On 12/29/18, Penny Golden <> wrote:

Would you explain what eltrinex is?
Is it a unit or a piece of software for the computer.
Thanks so much.

On 12/29/2018 9:06 AM, John Sanfilippo wrote:
For anyone wanting high-quality stereo recording, the ability to split
recorded audio, &├┐and all with complete accessibility, seek

On the net.

I think you'll like this unit, but do be sure to
See others' review which said it far better than I can.

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