my system info...why is my computer so slow?

Keith S

Okay, so My windows 10 laptop has a 3 Gig processor, and 8 gigs of RAM.

and is running windows 10 and jaws 2018 and is much slower than the xp netbook I have which consists of:

My Xp netbook has a 1.6 gig hertz CPU and 1 gig of ram.

when I checked the system info using the windows plus pause key on the windows 10 computer, it said I had 7.47 gigs of available ram.

So, what else could be slowing my system down?

after entering commands via the keyboard, there is a

notable lag between commands entered and computer speech responding.

Also, when I access the hard drive, the internal fan speeds up and there is a longer lag.

Any suggestions?

Any malware programs I should be running to test for problem code or software that somehow got on my system?



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