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Disk cleanup and defrag won't have any bearing on this problem.  All disk cleanup does is create more room, something worth doing since you don't know anything about the machine's past or what unnecessary files may be on it.  Defrag marginally speeds up a machine but these problems are not marginal.  And defrag may be being done automatically, we don't know how the machine is set and if its on at the right time, by default, defrag will be done automatically. 
It sounds to me as if a program or programs are using an enormous amount of processor capacity.  The amount of processor capacity being used can be checked in the Windows Task Manager.  However, I don't use Windows 10 and I'll let others describe how this is done.
What malware programs are being run now?  You may solve the problem by running malware programs but in a case like this, the best thing to do, you don't know what the machine was exposed to in the past, and serious malware may not be able to be completely removed if the problem is malware, but the best thing to do might be to run the restore utility that restores the machine to original factory conditions.  I don't use Windows 10 so others can discuss how this is done. 
It's a bad idea to get a used computer and use it without cleaning it first, unless you get it from a known reputable refurbisher.  And, since Windows 10 gives you the option to restore it to the factory state, that's probably what I would do if I bought a used Windows 10 machine.  If you do that, that may solve the problem and get rid of any other problems and make it unnecessary to do all this other work, which may or may not be successful.

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Hi all,

Let's start with the simple things.  What kind of hard disk is in the
thing?  If it's a SATI you will want to run disk clean-up and defrag. 
If it is a solid state one, this will not help.  Next, you want to see
what processes are running currently and eliminate those you don't
need.  Then, you want to run your virus checker.  After all that, then
take a look at the innards of your laptop, best done by a knowledgeable
amateur or prefessional.  There will be slots for the memory, and you,
or your guru can determine how much you can fit in the case.  Oh, you
might want to run a memory check too.   If you've got Win10, you want 8
megs of RAM.

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