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Hi Troy,
I strongly suggest that you call out a service technician to do this because if you make a little mistake you run the chance of not only screwing up the thermostat but, your AC / Heat system as well.  Especially if your AC / Heat system has multiple stages / speeds.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Thank you Holly! Now I just hope that a professional isn't needed to
change the switches and that my mom can do it. It's getting pretty cold
around here at night, for this area anyway, but with the switches set
wrong as I believe they are the heater is staying on too long and
actually making it too uncomfortably warm during the night.


On 1/4/2019 7:34 PM, Holly wrote:
> Troy:
> You can find the large print instruction manual at
> Then you can save it on your computer or print it out.

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