Re: add-on manager in firefox

Keith S

yes, that is wwhat I'm saying and I removed firefox and then reinstalled it after restarting my computer and it still happens. 
I have as my default wepage.
It still opens the addon manager when opening firefox

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Wait, are you saying that your Firefox is opening the add-ons window every time you open the browser itself?
How odd. Have you ever tried restoring it? Maybe it can solve the problem.
Try it and let us know if this worked.


Em 04/01/2019 15:52, Keith S escreveu:
Hi, any way to stop the add-on manager from opening every time I open up firefox.� It also auto- starts when I hit a link in an email and firefox opens to go to the site from the link.
I have to close firefox and then hit the link again and wait a while for firefox to load the page that the link is directed to.

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