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Thanks, Mike B.  I knew it was possible but didn't remember.  Now, I think I can rename it on the desktop and give it a better name.

I've now saved the instructions and will try to find it the next time I need it.


On 1/4/2019 7:11 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Howard,
The steps below will work for Windows 7 & 10:
From: david
1, go to desktop,
Windows key+m,
2, press the keystroke,
To unselect all icons.
3, press the applications key, and down arrow and enter on, New sub menu.
4, now arrow and enter on,
New shortcut.
5,Now type the following in the edit box,
6, tab next, press enter.
You will see/hear;
Tab finish press enter.
Now, if you would like a hot-key,
1, desktop,
Press the letter "s" until you hear,
2, now press alt+enter to bring up the properties,
3, tab until you hear;
Shortcut key none,
Here you could type "v"=volume or what ever letter you wish, Now press
So, alt+ctrl+v would bring up the sndvol properties page.
Hope this helps.
From: Kimsan
You can type in sndvol in the search and the volume control will appear.
If you want a shortcut on the desktop, you can do the following:
1.  windows key e for windows explorer
2. Find your c drive and press enter.
3.  Press w until you arrive to windows.
4. type the word system so you will arrive to system32 and press enter.
5.  Now type: SNDSVole and you will land on SNDVol.exe.
6. Press shift f 10 or the applications key and arrow down until you find
send to and expand that submenu.
7.  Look for the desktop choice and press enter.
Take care.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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I would like to put my volume control on the desktop and can't remember how.

When I press the Windows key and get a search box and type in volume
control, I get "adjust volume" or something like it. From there, I
don't know how to make a shortcut. Please help. Thanks.


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