Re: Back T Pack (back Pack ) they calling it


Ok, I will send you a podcast on it since you seem to be interested in it like me. See links below.'s+My+Pack_small.mp3


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I'd be curious to have more of a description of what it looks like when you wear it and how easy is it to dig through if you need something from it. Since I'm a girl I get to wear a purse, but I'm picky about what kind I will use. I have to have one that I can wear across my front, like a messenger bag, because I have issues with relinquishing my stuff out of my sight so to speak. I've tried backpack purses, but they are a pain to get anything out of quickly.


On 9/1/15, Matt <> wrote:
Well, have any of you all used the back pack they call Back T Pack ?
To me it sounds like a possible well-made and designed vest that looks
like a back pack. It sounds good thinking about getting one. But was
interested in any input anyone has on it! See link to it below.


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