Re: what is grid view as opposed to list view?

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wow. So grid view for windows kind of reminds me of list view for mac, where all the items are in alphabetical order, but it doesn't start with the folders and end with the files.

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Hi Joanne,
This is my observation when it comes to grid and list view.
I use grid view when I am in Dropbox and list view for most other things. In list view, all the folders are in alphabetical order at the top and the files are in alphabetical order after the folders.
In grid view, they are in alphabetical order, but folders and files are not separate. In Other words, the item at the top of the list may be a folder, after that a file, then another file, then three folders, another file, etc. Everything is in alphabetical order, just not separated as to files and folders.
If you have extensions showing, it is easy to tell them apart because files will show an extention and folders will have only a name. You access the folder contents the same as you usually do, but if you have files and folders inside the original folder in grid view, they will also show up in grid view, at least mine do.
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Hi Joanne,
I can't define Grid View but, I believe it's something like Tile View.  Whenever I'm on a website that gives me the option I always select the List view as well, it just makes navigation a more positive movement.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: [TechTalk] what is grid view as opposed to list view?

I like list views for most things, but when downloading from open drive I wonder if grid view might be easier or does it make any difference as to the amount of items seen per page? I just don't know what grid view is, so it may not be as easy as list view but thought I'd ask.

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