Re: finding podcasts when you're not sure of the spelling


Thanks to the person who suggested I had a few podcasts which seemed to only be available with Apple products, but I was delighted to find that these very podcasts did in fact also have RSS feeds for downloading with a windows computer. That's really a great site.

From: "Troy Burnham" <>
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2019 10:33 AM
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] finding podcasts when you're not sure of the spelling

Thanks George I'll give that a try.


On 1/7/2019 8:51 AM, George McCoy wrote:
I don't know the capabilities of the victor reader stream but if you can get it onto the web, go to It's a search engine for podcasts. If you can get close to the right spelling, it will probably find your podcast.

Good luck, I hope it works for you.


On 1/7/2019 8:08 AM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I just saw a podcast mentioned on twitter on my iPhone that I'm interested in but I'm not sure of the spelling so I'm not sure how to find it. On twitter the name is "at 12 6 podcast", it's a baseball podcast, so how can I either verify the spelling or find it some other way? Btw I'll be using my 2nd generation Victor reader stream to find it if that matters, and it is mentioned that the podcast is available through both iTunes and Spodify but I don't subscribe to either one of those.



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