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By a complete uninstall, do you mean manually removing a folder left behind after you uninstall the program using programs and features?  Does it also entail any deletions from the registry to get rid of settings?
Here is a step-by-step description of how to find the feature.  Try this first.
New major steps start on new lines:
When Firefox is opened, press alt then release it and type t then o.
Wait two or three seconds.
Shift tab three times.
Press end, then up arrow once.
Now Shift tab twenty-one times. 
Press the space bar.
You may immediately be able to tab or shift tab and hear information, which means the problem has been solved.  I'm not sure if you have to restart Firefox to have this setting take place; usually, you don't..

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In Quantum versions of Firefox, it's in the Privacy and Security tab of settings, and it's a bit buried. It'll take much tabbing to get there. The entry that you want to make sure is unchecked is

Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser

The catch 22 is that, if it's checked, we can't read anything anyway, and either sighted help will be needed to uncheck it, or a complete uninstall, then reinstall of Firefox. Using, and backing up, a working portable installation is not a bad idea.


On 1/9/2019 4:19 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm not sure what happened but it sounds as though somehow, the allow accessibility is turned off.  I don't recall the exact name.  If someone doesn't tell you how to find it, I can check my Firefox.  This is a perfect example of why I say that people should use the portable version of Firefox.  it does everything the installed version does and you can keep a backup copy.  If something happens to the copy you are using, you can just copy and paste the backup copy to the location where you have the copy that you use.  You would delete the copy you are using, then place a copy of the backup version in the same location. 
You won't have to worry about how to correct problems because you can just replace the problem version with a version that works correctly.
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Hello, is there a way to repare firefox? Suddenly, my firefox does not speak at all! So how do I repare it as I cant get it to go to tools to have it start with add ons disabled?

Thanks Heather  


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