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Patrick Ford

Ok, Gene, I did the first suggestion you offered, to install over itself and this worked. I don’t know how to tell dropbox  not to start at boot up …how is this accomplished? Also, the reason I uninstalled it was because there must have been an update in the last few days because now I get a pop up page about different options with drop box and I could not get rid of this page. It was  annoying.

Thanks so much.



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You could try installing it over itself and then try uninstalling it, or you can do what might be easier and faster and tell Drop Box not to run at boot up, in which case, it doesn't run unless you run it so that will be functionally equivalent.


Do you want to uninstall it to reinstall it to try to solve a problem or completely uninstall it?



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Subject: [TechTalk] uninstalling drop box problem



My new situation is that I want to remove drop box and it will not uninstall. I have tried a few times with the same message appearing that the uninstall was unsuccessful.

What can I do to uninstall successfully?



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