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                If you search amazon for


External drive


                You will find quite a few. Anything which is listed as a “portable drive”, or which uses the word portable in its name will generally take its power from the USB port. Drives listed as “desktop” usually take their power from the wall. If you’re not sure, check the list of the box’s contents. If the box contains a power adapter, the drive takes its power from the wall. Some drives may require two USB ports for power using a Y cable.

Note that some computers don’t have USB ports which can power hard drives. Just for example, the Surface Pro 3 and 4 will sometimes, depending on the hard drive in question, not power a drive because it requests too much power. Theoretically, of course, all USB 3.0 devices should limit themselves properly, but some don’t, and some ports don’t give as much power as the specifications say they should. This is particularly applicable with USB hubs, many smaller ones don’t have their own power provision, they’re usually called bus-powered hubs, and though that makes everything portable, you may end up trying to power devices requiring 2 amps from a 1 amp port. If you’re willing to spend money, you can get external SSDs which require allot less power.





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Keith, I know of 2 external usb powered harddrives, they are seagate drives. One is a 1 tb and the other one is a 2 tb drive. I do know that western digital makes them as well. The seagate drives can be found at walmart, target and staples.





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Hi, I have a series of external hard drives which all have USB cables and AC power cords attached to the backs of them, and theya ll have a rocker switch to turn them on and off.


I over heard  some people talking about USB powered external hard drives, but when I looked on and I could not find anything  using the search terms "USB powered external hard drive"


Does anyone know what I am trying to find?


And, if so, what would be some good search terms when trying to find them on online stores?





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