Re: gusto 3 phone/is there a tutorial to see before I purchase it?


Keep in mind that Verizon stopped activating 3G phones about six
months ago so Verizon is a no-go for the Gusto 3 or haven both of
which are 3G phones. If you're on a Verizon plan don't let your
service lapse or you'll have to get a 4G phone to get back on with
Verizon. For a while longer you can use the Haven and Gusto 3 on
services such as Selectel for which we're a dealer, Page Plus, or


On 1/14/19, Holly <> wrote:
Hi Terry:

The Gusto 3 is a Verizon phone. It is a fairly basic flip phone and is
accessible if you don’t want a smart phone.


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