Re: any experience with consumer cellular and do they have speech friendly phones


I estimate that by the end of 2019 3G will be a thing of the past on
all major carriers.

As I told Joanne in a private message there are some accessible 4G
flip phones out there; i just don't have much information on them as
yet. I'm sure someone with more information on the subject will speak
up in this thread.


On 1/16/19, Gene <> wrote:
Aside from your typical disparagement of blindness advocacy organizations,
based on some articles you have read, that does not mean the organizations
don't have anyone available who knows about feature phones. Of course, most
coverage will be of smart phones. That doesn't tell you that you can't get
information and it won't do any harm in asking. It may be best to wait to
see how the thread develops because someone like Laaz may be able to give
good information efficiently and it may save time and trouble. also, other
members may have information.

Yes, 3G phones will not be usable as networks shut down 3G service. I don't
know how many years 3G phones will be useable. I wouldn't be surprised if
there isn't any 3G access within two years, and it may be that only a few
providers will make it available within one year.

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From: Gerald Levy
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] any experience with consumer cellular and do they
have speech friendly phones

You claim that there are many phones that have text to speech capability.
The most popular one that comes to mind is the Samsung Gusto 3, which Laz
sells. But this phone supposedly can no longer be activated to work with
Verizon Wireless, and as cellular providers upgrade to 5G networks, other
feature flip phones with text to speech may no longer be capable of being
activated, either. So besides the Gusto, which other reasonably-priced
feature phones with tactile keypads and text to speech are available that
will still work a few years from now. Or will all cell phones including
feature phones soon have inaccessible touchpads? It seems that the blindness
organizations are gung-ho fans of the IPhone, based on the articles I have
read in their magazines, so it is unlikely that they would recommend
anything more basic. And the last time I checked the Best Buy store which is
right down the block from a large residential apartment building for the
blind, and asked a Geek Squad specialist to recommend a feature phone that
had a tactile keypad and text to speech, he didn't seem to know what I was
talking about, and recommended a Jitterbug phone, whose parent company is
now owned by Best Buy.


On 1/16/2019 1:33 PM, Gene wrote:

There are many phones that aren't smart phhones that have text to speech.
I can't say what your friend should do but I would say not to limit
considerations to one company. Some companies may offer more phones and
better ones in terms of accessibility than others.

As far as what your friend might want to do, I'll point out that
accessible phones that aren't smart phones may have lots of features. Mine
has an alarm, which is so convenient I have never used my old one again nor
investigated getting a more convenient clock, a voice recorder for taking
notes, which I use very often, and other features I don't use but others
might such as a countdown timer, a stop watch, a calendar which you can use
to keep track of appointments, and, of course, the ability to send and
receive texts.

I would suggest talking with someone knowledgeable about what is available
and different options. I suspect you can get information from the National
Federation of the Blind or the American Council of the Blind. Also, one of
the members of this list, Laaz, has a store for blind people and he sells
some accessible phones that aren't smart phones. You may save yourself a
lot of trouble by simply contacting him. He will see this message and he
will, I hope, give you more information about how to contact him and what
information he may have on a web site.

It is probably easier to get information this way than dealing with the
cellular companies themselves, where, I suspect, you may not get as
knowledgeable information as elsewhere.

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From: joanne
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Subject: [TechTalk] any experience with consumer cellular and do they have
speech friendly phones

My visually-impaired friend doesn't want a real high-priced company or to
do a lot with a cell phone. So we were looking at Consumer Cellular and she
can get a basic plan for like 25. They told her about an Alcatel phone that
is just a basic flip, but I'm wondering if this or any other Consumer
Cellular phone has text to speech in case she wanted to go to a higher
amount to add texting to the call service. I just didn't know if their
phones talk. I think for her basic calling it's not, of course, a big deal.
But if she ended up wanting to do a little more but stay with this company I
wasn't sure if any of their phones have speech features.

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