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No, you type /flashdisk/../

On 1/24/2019 11:29 PM, George Zaynoun wrote:
I get invalid path on the u2 when I type in the address bar
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I will try locate the menu which does it, thanks and maybe more
questions later.
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No, in the file manager.
On 1/24/2019 9:00 AM, George Zaynoun wrote:
Where on the notetaker itself I type
do you mean I open the web browser?
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On the notetaker itself. This probably doesn't work on the PC.
On 1/24/2019 5:54 AM, George Zaynoun wrote:
Type flashdisk in the address bar, which address bar, where on the pc?
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I think Hims products have the same issue for the most part. I
a hack to get in and access the system files from within the unit,
but I
I can't quite recall the details. Something like typing /flashdisk/../
in the address bar, but even then I think you encounter the same
On 1/24/2019 4:35 AM, George Zaynoun wrote:
What about Hims products?
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Unfortunately, even if you do get access to the unit's files from
within the unit itself, and you can, you just have to know where to
look, the notetakers I've tested do not allow you to copy most
files. You'd need to extract them from an image, such as a software
update. The Apex, for example, seems to have its ROM stored in a
called everest_kernel.bex, located in the HWI, though I've never
figured out how to extract it. As far as I know you'd need to
the files from a working unit.

On 1/23/2019 11:56 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

No, it might not be possible unless you’re willing to capture ROM
images by opening up the notetaker casing or a hex dumper. The
why you won’t see the “other disk” you speak of is because that
“system disk” is not really a disk at all – it is a ROM image. In
Windows CE, the “Windows” directory that resides in that “system
disk” is really an instruction for the operating system to access
ROM image (does this sound familiar? I talked about ROM images a lot
back in the old days).
If you’d like to have an emulated ROM image for these notetakers,
this might not be the venue for it – you should really contact
HumanWare and/or HIMS if you pursue such activities, as they’re the
ones who can give you an authoritative answer (although I was once
considered a notetaker expert, I’m not an authority on ROM image
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I am with you guys Totally on this one! Love to see these things get
a new lease on life so to speak !! Jack and Bex
On Jan 23, 2019, at 9:26 AM, Josh Kennedy <
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this would be excellent. It would be nice to be able to preserve old
notetakers such as the brailleNote classic by making a complete
of its storeage drive and OS and software and firmware including its
text to speech, and then run it inside an emulator in windows 10.

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