Re: need a little more help with bypassing log-in screen with windows 10

Michael Mote

Hi there.  I have disabled the password screen by doing the following.

Press Windows plus the letter R to bring up the run dialog.

Type netplwiz in the run dialog and press enter.  Here you should be able to grant access, and change whether or not a password is required at the log on screen.  Hope this helps.



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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019 10:16 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] need a little more help with bypassing log-in screen with windows 10


I think this group is the one I asked about this but maybe not. My friend got a windows 10 computer and when it was set up for her the person who set it up created a Microsoft account and, even though she uses thunderbird, the sign-in has at in it. We're frustrated because with other computers we were somehow able to bypass this sign-in window.


I received instructions from one of the tech groups and there's one part we're not quite understanding. And we don't want to mess anything up more because we not only aren't familiar with 10, but I also don't know if system restore with windows 10 is performed differently than with 7, which is what I use.


What we were told was to hit windows key and R together. Then type in control userpasswords2. Hit enter and you're presented with a checkbox for changing this log-in setting to bypass the password screen. We did that fine, but when we went to apply we weren't understanding what needs to be typed after hitting apply. Do they want the original user name and password typed in that apply field? Or is there something else we should be putting in that field so the changes will be accepted?


I appreciate any detailed help.




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