Re: Check writing.

Angelo Sonnesso

When I use my credit union bill pay, they send out a check to the payee,
unless the are setup for electronic payment.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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I have some things withdrawn automatically, but that is something that's a
double-edged sword. You have to keep a close eye on your bank statements if
you do things that way. I have had things withdrawn that I didn't want to
happen, or that were supposed to have been stopped, and I discover they are
still continuing. So then, when I discover that, I have to go after it and
figure out how to get it stopped. But anyway, this building has us give
checks. I don't know if they won't do automatic withdrawal or what.
Because I think I heard of one guy who worked it out with them to have it
done. But I don't think it's standard operating procedure with this rental
office. Pam.

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From: Carolyn Arnold
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Some good advice there. I seldom write checks, and my thinking is the same
about closer rather than farther from the dollar sign. The only time I write
vhecks is for a larger church donation or a personal purchase. That's about
it. Believe it or not, we still have to for rent. They say they have 26
properties so won't do automatic withdrawal - way behind times are they from
this 81-year-old woman, and that is really far behind the times.
Nevertheless, if we want our rent paid, that is what we have to do, and if
we don't pay it, we don't get to live here.

I have had to write a couple of checks for purchases, because my credit card
was compromised, and I'm waiting for a replacement.

Best regards,


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Dear Carolyn & List:

Printing the sum next to the dollar sign should be less of a problem than
leaving too much blank space to the left of the sum, tempting someone to
insert an extra digit or two!

Have not personally used the APH Money Talks program. If it has a support
list, try asking on it before buying.
Alternatively, check if they offer a
10 or 30-day return privilege so you may try the program and return it for a
refund if it does not do what you need.

I am surprised people still use paper cheques. What do you find you write
them for? Utility bills, credit cards? Friend of mine uses his Credit
Union's electronic bill payment service, finds this lets him pay most bills
without issuing cheques. He bought a supply of thirty cheques from his
Credit Union in case of ever needing to issue one, finds himself never
needing them.

Most banks offer electronic bill pay, some offer it at same price as a
cheque others offer it as a free service.
If your bank charges for this service, investigate joining a Credit Union,
which probably offers it free.

A Credit Union is like a member-owned bank. Costs $5 to join, you get a vote
at the annual general meeting, can run for office! Like President of the
Credit Union or other offices.

Many Credit Unions offer all the services of a big bank, usually with lower
interest charges or fees. This includes ATM service. Some credit unions
offer co-branching, where if they have no office near you, but another
credit union does, you may use the other credit union's office to access
your accounts. Can save you much money compared to the high fees charged by
big banks.
Brian K. Lingard

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Subject: [TechTalk] Check writing.

Do any of you have the program from APH or any other one for check writing?
I have a check file in my computer, but I need a half spacer for the check
line in order for the amount not to be too close to or too far from the
dollar sign. Is there a way possible to half space in Word 2013?

I have it in landscape, and the main problem is the numerical dollar amount.

If any of you has the program from APH or any other one, do you like it?
Does it really work? In addition, have there been any problems?

Thanks for any ideas.

If you pray, do not worry; if you worry, do not pray,


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