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Walter Ramage

Hi. I'm not sure if that tablet will be fast enough for the usage my friend
will put it to. I notice a lot of tablets have only 1g of ram and that is
meagre for what will be demanded of it by my friend. Walter.

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The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is a nice little tablet and
can be gotten for $100 or less.

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Hi all. This request is for me as I intend buying a friend
a new tablet for her birthday. My friend is fully sighted
and has no sight problems but I am totally blind and don't
use a tablet so have no idea or opinions on the subject
since I don't know enough to make any comment.

I would like to know which tablet folk would recommend for
my friend. obviously she doesn't need to use a screen
reader nor magnification. She would use the tablet mainly
for internet browsing and downloading a few movies and also
playing games. She wouldn't like anything too large as it
will replace her laptop and she wants portability so around
10 or 11 inches would be fine. Her laptop is Win10 so she
is used to windows but her mobile is android so she is
familiar with that also. However she has no interest in
Apple products.

Oh, one more thing, the hard drive storage doesn't have to
be huge as she can put her movies on a SD card or USB drive
provided the tablet can handle such.

Any suggestions or recommendations of tablets would be
welcome, including manufacturers recommendations. With
thanks. Walter.


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