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There was a braille tablet called Blitec that would display up to a whole page in braille. I remember it being marketed as a low-cost display. I am not sure if it is still under development or not.

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I do not think the braille me from NBP  will do this! You might want to call NVb and ask them? However, I think the  14 will do this! But, it is only 14 cells and the 40 cell is 2995 for that one! It is still cheaper than the focus 40. I think the 14 cell is 995. So it is technically under 1000. I do not think I could live with only 14 cells, I am so used to my 32 cell machine even if it is old outdated and does not connect to anything! I did look at the Brailliant  40   and it looked good if I had an extra 3000 dollars just laying around, woe! I cant remember  how much the focuss from freedom was and I myself did not like some of the commands while trying to work with that machine! My fingers did not exactly click with the key strokes. I never saw the one for 420, is that the one from APH? Heather


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I'm wanting information on the relatively new inexpensive Braille

displays, I think there are two of them. I can't remember who makes

them, but they're under a thousand if I remember right.


I'm wanting to hook it up to my computer, win10, my phone Android 7 or

8 by then, and I want to know if it will also work with reading

computer UEFI/Bios output?







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