Re: HELP re George Foreman Grill - Audible timer alert?

Rick Alfaro

Hi Cindy. We have a grill that seems to fit what you are looking for which we purchased from Amazon. It's digital with buttons that beep and audible alerts for letting you know when the grill is ready and up to temperature as well as letting you know when the time you set has elapsed. It also has removeable ceramic plates that are extremely easy to clean. Here is the link to the Amazon page. It sells for $94 with free shipping via Prime.

On 2/2/2019 12:45 PM, Cindy G-M wrote:
Hi folks, 

Happpy Saturday to you all, 

I have a question please....

We have a George Foreman, which has:
* Removable plates,
* Digital display,
* Timer alarm button,
* Variable temperature button, which both beep as you change them. 
* Audible alarm, when food is cooked.

We want to give this (8 year old) George to my nephew, whose lost a significant amount of sight at Christmas, through diabetic retinopathy.

Does anyone know if there are any other George‘s available with the same options as I’ve listed above please? We’d like to get a new one for ourselves.

Many thanks!

--Best wishes,

--Rick Alfaro

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