Re: the DTBM machine from nls

Donald L. Roberts

I think Gerald's assessment is right on. What wasn't mentioned is that in some States, other agencies, not blindness specific, will take up the slack.

Don Roberts

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Every time I hear this I get more and more saddened and disgusted. I can't believe the most advanced nation in the world treats their citizens this way in 2019.

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Well your lucky you received help from your local blind foundation. In many states, if you are a blind senior, the blindness rehab agencies or blindness commission will tell you to take a hike and not bother them, because they have few, if any services to offer older folks who are losing their vision.


On 2/4/2019 5:07 PM, Holly wrote:
Well Dave:

I would have to agree with you that the older a person is ,when they
go blind, the harder it is to adjust. If I had been 80, instead of
60, and not had the resources of our local blind foundation, I may not
have adapted as easily.

As for me, to keep learning is to keep the brain cells functioning at
the peak of their ability.

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