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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Haha, true dat. I've been fortunate enough to never have any equipment get hit by it, but I've herd that it's quite the shock. grins
Then again, I'm just paranoid enough that I go around, unplugging everything when it starts raining and thundering. lol
Sucks to here that it was lightning though that hit his router. :)

On 11/12/2015 2:55 PM, Blaster Nil8 wrote:
Good, glad to hear your back up.

Lightening sucks,

On 11/12/15, Rishi D Mack <> wrote:
Hahaha, I got a new one. which was good. man I tried everything to get that

crap to work.

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Sorry to hear about your router getting fried. You may want to try
pushing the factory reset button on the unit, just to see if it was
merely stunned.
It doesn't hurt to check and see.


On 11/12/15, Rishi D Mack <> wrote:
ah. sorry. Well, I end up getting it fixed. turns out was my router gone
bad. lightning fried it

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Sorry, I'm not a facetime or Skype guy. Could you clarify your
situation? What make and model is your router? What OS are you
running? have you accessed it before and only recently lost access?
Are you saying when you type into your browser you get a
page not found error message. Any additional information would be

You should probably start a new thread to get more attention from the
list and to keep this list organized.

On 11/11/15, Rishi D Mack <> wrote:
Hi, is it possible I can get some help with someone through face time,
Skype, to fix my Internet router? I am not seeing my default gateway,

can't access my router. I really really really do need help with this if
anyone can. Thanks in advance.

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On Nov 11, 2015, at 4:17 PM, Blaster Nil8 <>

It looks like you need to set the security to none to access wep mode.

Here's a link on how to do this:


On 11/11/15, Donald L. Roberts <> wrote:
My router is an Airport Extreme which is working very well. I am
w p a 2 as an encryption protocol. There are two networks set up on
router, one of which is labeled as a guest network. I want the main
network to use W P A 2 protocol, but I want the guest network to use W
P which, if my understanding is correct, is the only protocol
by my Pacmate. So, in summary, I want one network to be W P A 2 with
one password, and the other network to use W E P with a different
password. Is this possible; and if so, how is it done.

I am aware of the vulnerability when using W E P, but if my
understanding about the Pacmate is correct, then W E P is my only

Thanks in advance for responses.

Don Roberts

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