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Nowadays, you don't even need to translate Bookshare files from Braille into text format since they can now be downloaded in Word format.

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On 2/5/2019 8:37 PM, Gene wrote:
You can download Bookshare books as Braille files, and then translate them to text.  After that, you can read them with your screen-reader as you would any file.  If you want to hear a different synthesizer or voice, that is the way you can do so.
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I can handle it for texts and learning material. I just can't seem to get
use to it for pleasure reading. I probably could if I had to, guess I'm just
spoiled by narrated books. Between our library, and audible, I seem to find
everything I want.

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Understandably, a lot of people complain bitterly at the thought of books
using synthesized speech. However, if synthetic speech were used for
non-poetry and some other not so critical types of books, I guarantee you
that far more books would be available from Bard. I know this is very
subjective, but I don't think synthetic speech is difficult to get used to.
Thank heaven for Bookshare, Kindle, and some (shal we say) unauthorized

Don Roberts

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| All books are narrated by humans.

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