CFTB Satisfaction

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Gerald & List:

I am glad your three-year old Dell desktop works well with only 2 GB of RAM and an 80 MB hard drive.

What version of Windows do you run? XP? That is about all that will fit onto your hard drive. Wonder what the CPU chip is> Download the belark advisor from: HTTPS://WWW.BELARK.COM it will tell you this and all sorts of neat information about your system. It is free for personal use.


Depending upon your BIOS & version of windows, you may be able to upgrade your RAM by merely unplugging the existing Ram chips and plugging in the replacements. Your hard disk controller may be on the motherboard, or a card plugged into the motherboard. If it is a card, you can upgrade the controller with a newer card and upgrade your disk drive to a modern size or at least one larger than 80 MB.


It is great JAWS runs on your PC with so little RAM. However, others have found their mileage varies, with systems with failing components or power supplies from CFTB. If you are handy with tools, you can replace an ailing power supply yourself. The power cables on it all have sockets, large one for the CPU smaller ones for hard or floppy disk drives or CD/DVD reader/burner.


As PC use switch mode power supplies, if the supply dies, it usually takes out the entire system with it! Supply fries all the chips on the motherboard & option cards with raw 120-voolt power.


Considering how CFTB installs JAWS on their systems & ships them out seemingly with no hardware testing, you wonder what they do to justify their $100 fee. If you have say four people sending out 20 systems each per day,, that is $8 ,000 of fees in a day. If your workers are volunteers, you pay them nothing. You do need workspace, however, you can run the shop in an industrial unit in a run-down area, long as it has good mail pickup. So you have rent to pay, a phone line, as well as a FAX line and possibly DSL or cable internet. This leaves a good pile of change to pay the Executive Director and Marketing staff. Sure buys much coffee for both the shop & office crew. Of course much depends upon how many systems they receive per day and how many blind buy. If they ship free Matter, the only cost is some duct tape to hold the cartons closed and an address label showing who it is going to.

Brian K. Lingard



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