Re: Cereproc TTS, anybody used their products?

Walter Ramage

Hi.  I think I have but that was many years ago so I can't really remember just what I thought of it.  Of what I can recall, there were a couple of things that I didn't like.  They were little things but it showed the voice wasn't as  precise as JAWS so I stopped using it and I've had a few computers since then and forgot about that voice until you mentioned it.  Walter.


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I agree it sounds good but I would like to hear it if speeded up somewhat.

Have you tried the Scottish Vocalizer voice, Fiona. I use it quite a lot and find it very responsive and pretty easy to understand and, of course, it is free!



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Subject: [TechTalk] Cereproc TTS, anybody used their products?


Hi Guys.  There is a Scottish company called CereProc that does TTS voices.  I would like to purchase one of these but I'm not sure if it would be compatible with JAWS.


Has anybody used any of their TTS voices?  The samples given are very good quality and although many are easy on the ear I do like the "Heather" voice


I'll paste a link for this voice below but if you want to sample any other voices then the web site is


If you have used these voices or know if they are compatible with JAWS (or NVDA) then I would appreciate your comments.  Walter.


Link to the Heather voice.



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