Re: need a good accessible captcha solver


Hi list. Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate it. I have a smart
phone and that will work for pictures. However, there are web sites
that use some kind of weird slide control which says: "bring the
slider to 100% if you are human." However, neither Jaws, voice over,
NVDA, or narrator seems to be able to get the slider to slide. *frown*
If I come up with anything that might help you guys, I'll let you

On 2/12/19, Gerald Levy <> wrote:

Has anyone tried this captcha solving estension which is supposed to
work with Firefox and Chrome?  I have never heard of it before, so I
wonder whether it is even acccessible.


On 2/12/2019 10:04 AM, Vaddy wrote:

Hi! You may look at

Regards, Vaddy

On 12.02.2019 2:34, Melissa wrote:
Hi list. I need a good accessible captcha solver. I tried looking for
rumola but the links do not work.

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