Re: headsets?

Abbie Taylor

I know you said you prefer to use Amazon, and the headset I'm about to recommend is available there, but if you buy the Sharkk Aura Headset fromĀ  Mystic Access, it comes with an audio tutorial on an SD card, as do all products from this site.
This company is designed with the blind in mind. They not only offer speakers and headsets with tutorials, but they also offer classes and tutorials on a variety of asistive technology topics. There's also a podcast with new episodes released every two weeks. You can visit them at
I love my Sharkk Aura headset. I'm using it right now with my PC as I type this. It also works well with my BrailleNote Touch and my Victor Reader Trek. There's very little latency, and the sound is terrific. It's designed to work with cell phones, smart phones, and other devices as well. The in-line microphone works pretty well. It also comes with a standard headphone chord that you can plug into any device without Bluetooth.
It's probably a little more expensive from Mystic Access, but the excellent tutorial on how to use it is well worth it. Alternatively, you can buy the headset from Amazon and just the tutorial from Mystic Access, but it would probably be about the same price, so you may as well use Mystic Access as your one-stop shopping for your headphone needs. I hope this is helpful. Happy listening.

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