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Brian K. Lingard

Dear Olusegun & List:
Firms in the USA & many countries worship the almighty quarterly income
statement. Unless the shareholders require the firm to employ U. S. people
with major disabilities, such as blind, deaf, motor impairments etc. the
firm will hire people who can do the required job for the least money. This
usually means foreigners, in Jamaica, India, the Philippines or China. I
suppose the labor contractors in these countries could have policies in
place to hire the disabled if available, but have never heard of this. If
the U. S. firms hiring them insisted upon this, they would have to.
Similarly, if the labor law in their nation required them to hire persons
with serious disabilities first, they would also have to hire the disabled.
Try lobbying the Governments of Jamaica, the Philippines, India etc. to hire
people with disabilities first if available. Had a tech support rep in the
Honduras or thereabouts who spoke English with an American accent. He
attended College in the u. S. for four-years which gave him his American
style of speaking. Unless he had told me he was in Central America, I would
have never known he was not in Chicago or Fort Worth. He had absolutely no
hint of Spanish in his speech.
rian K. Lingard VE3YI, Ab2JI, B. A., C. T. M.
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Gerald, I don't have problems understanding CSR's located outside the United
States! As a matter of fact, I became friends with a few and corresponded
with them on and off for quite some time. I barely call Customer Service
anymore cause I'm able to resolve most computer issues by tinkering, getting
in and out of trouble with my toys. I have had friends from the
Philippines, India and Jamaica. The individual from Jamaica worked at I had called to enquire about a product that had not been
delivered in the stated timeframe.

Without a doubt, it would be great if real CSR jobs could be given to
individuals with disabilities right here who are able to work. I wonder how
much the likes of amazon, Google Apple and Microsoft are doing in this

Denver, Colorado

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