Removing System Healer with Malwarebytes or Spy Hunter


Hello list,

So I don’t know how, but it seems I have some malware on one of my desktop machines called System Healer. Browser hijacker, redirector, false positives with prompts to buy protection tools, etc.

In any event, Looking around on how to remove it, I come across the solution of using Spy Hunter. I’m a Malwarebytes user and on this particular machine, I simply hadn’t’ gotten around to installing Malwarebytes (oh well). I downloaded and ran a demo version of Malwarebytes (V 1.75) but the machine comes up clean even though I still see System healer on my computer.

My question is this, is there a way to specifically target a process or folder or file to scan and quarantine with Malwarebytes? Searching around, I can select a drive or type of scan (full, quick or flash), but can’t find anything to target a particular folder/file/process.

That aside, has anyone used Spy Hunter and have they found it to be accessible with Jaws? In my case, JFW 17. Naturally, the scan and detect aspects are free, but removal is only with a license. I’m not against paying for a malware tool. I’ve got a paid version of Malwarebytes on my personal laptop, but before I go and shell out $30 or $40, I’d like to know whether I would even be able to use it at all without calling over the sighted wife to the rescue.

Alternatively, has anyone dealt with this program and were they able to remove it from their system with any particular tool that is reasonably Jaws accessible? There are manual instructions on how to remove System healer, but they involve delving into the registry, other system files and so on. I’d prefer not to go that route if possible.




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