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Nancy Hill

Thanks for the ideas.

It was all of the zip files that went AWOL before they unzipped. If all else fails, I'll do them one at a time 5 in a row over a few sessions.  The Turtle will eventualy win the race.

On 2/17/2019 12:00 AM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Two things you can try doing:
1. Just get your ZIP files again and unzip all of them, which you don't seem to be willing, or
2. Go to your Recycle Bin and, being there, use the "select" option (shift+down/up arrow) to select an amount of files at a time, while with the folder you want to put the files into open.
So every time you have selected an amount of files you go there on this folder and paste into there.
Both solutions will take you certain time, so make your better choice.

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Em 17/02/2019 01:50, Nancy Hill escreveu:
Hi All,

Boy, did I goof up!  I was going to unzip a number of files and I let my attention roam.  All of a sudden all of the files wound up in the Recycle Bin.

I am using Win7 and Jaws 18.  Is there any way to replace those files in their original folder in a group rather than restoring each one individually?

Many thanks for your help!


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