Re: Wireless laserjet printer question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Robin:
I don't know where you grab printers from; for me, I would go to, say, Office Depot or Office Max (now dead I think), find a salesperson, run down the list of printers with him or her, check always for printers with buttons (they are becoming extinct, just like cell phones).  Then I lay my hands on the selected printer, play with it as much as possible, check their price, buy if the price is right; else, I go look for the same model online.
When I do this, I try to go in myself!  Why?  Go with a family and, before you get to two printers, they're frustrated because you're asking a thousand questions! 
At the last Office Depot I visited, I did find a number of Canon printers with buttons!  However, my interest was solely on the ImageClass series!  I found one on display which they didn't want to sell.  They wanted me to order it and have it delivered.  No, I grabbed one from Amazon instead and it was cheaper than they wanted me to pay. 
Yes, I've loved HP printers!  I used one for nearly 12 years.  In fact, I still have sentimental attachment to it such that it's still sitting here and gathering the dust of forgetfulness <smile> as it rolls with the moss!  It is an inkjet which barely suck ink!  Overtime though, HP and others grew wiser (or more stupid); they began producing inkjets that stole from the pocket book and, after playing with a Brothers printer at work, I gave up and settled for a Canon laser.  The Brothers printer actually HIT THE TRASH CAN much faster and is probably in some landfill or being recycled.  May its gentle (assuming it had one) soul rest somewhere in between peace and whatever.
Denver, Colorado

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