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Lisa Belville

Hi, Howard.  I have Windows 10 and I use the Instacart web site with NVDA all of the time, except I use Google Chrome.  There's not much difference in how the two browsers work, though as far as navigation goes.

Mostly there are buttons to add/ remove items from the cart or to switch stores and/or delivery options.

The options for delivery time, account, and choosing a store are at the top of the page for us, probably on the left side as Gene says.  These are a combination of buttons and links.  I believe the options for account is a link while the option to select a store is a button.  The option for searching departments within a store is also a link.  Clicking this should open a drop down list of link; Dairy and Eggs, Produce, etc.

There are combo boxes to sort a list of products by name or brand, but honestly it's sometimes faster to use the Instacart search feature to do this.

Clicking on the product name should bring up a page with related products.  Once this page loads, you can use the H  key to move to headings on this page to get this information faster.  The specific information for a product most likely appears in the center of the page and is probably in a different size and color of font from the other links.

The only odd issue has to do with finding and activating the site's search button for locating specific products, because the edit field doesn't always appear as it should.  This is one aspect that's much easier to do using the iOS app.

This isn't the same as the NVDA Find function, but you probably already know that.  I'm mentioning it because Gene is correct that it can make locating specific words or phrases fast and more efficient depending on the circumstance.

What aspects of the site are you and your wife trying to locate? I might be able to help with specific issues.


Lisa Belville

On 2/20/2019 8:47 AM, Howard Traxler wrote:
I think I understand what is happening; and even why it's happening.  I just would like to know whaat to do about it?  Has anybody figured it out?


On 2/19/2019 4:28 PM, Mich Verrier wrote:
Hi all. I hope I can ancer this question. The reason why jaws always says
something diffrint then what you are seeing as a sighted person is because
when jaws is reading it keeps going down and down as it is reading a page.
Jaws will offen get to someplace faster then it does vishuley. I hope that
helps. From Mich.

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Hi Howard:

Hope you get some answers to this question.  I have the same issue with

My husband always sees something different on the screen than what JAWS is
reading to me.


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