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Melissa, another idea I just thought of is to try another program. Adobe Digital Editions will  read both epub and pdf files. Here's the download page:

From there you can choose your platform, Windows or something else.

When installed, you can choose to sign in with your Adobe account, but it's not necessary unless you read drm protected ebooks, either purchases or borrowed from an ebook lending library, usually through your own public library system.

I've used Digital Editions to read both epub and pdf files.

Maybe that will work for you.


On 2/20/2019 5:38 PM, Melissa Hambleton wrote:

Thanks Gene, I will probably have to save the files as a text document like you suggested. No, the format may not come out correctly but as long as it reads fine as a text document that’s fine by me, I’m the only one using it so no big deal there for now.




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Also, you can try saving the document as a text file after it opens.  See if you can read what is saved.  I'm not sure what is being done with the files once they are opened so the formatting may not be correct.


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Both reading PDF documents with Adobe and reading web pages uses the Virtual PC cursor in JAWS.  Can you read web pages correctly? 


What was updated, Windows or something else?  Do you have system restore points from before the update?  You might try running a restore point, then letting whatever updated update again in case the update didn't occur properly.  Its always something with Windows 10.



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Hi Melissa,


Is the screen maximized?

Take Care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Travis, thank you for responding.


Unfortunately, I did try both of your suggestions and they didn’t work. I did go to the Help menu and tried the  repair option and also using the setup assistant and I have the same results.


I am trying to read PDF files that absolutely read fine with JAWS just a few days ago or so and now JAWS doesn’t act like they are there. JAWS will read the title just fine and that’s it. I had someone sighted check and the PDF file does show on the screen just fine. Also, if I turn Narrator on, it will start reading the PDF file but, I really don’t like using Narrator…that is why I have JAWS because I prefer that. I’ve made no changes of any kind to JAWS so I don’t know what is going on.




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As I haven't seen any responses to your question yet, I have a couple of ideas, and they are only ideas as I'm not a JAWS user. I use NVDA, which seems to be working ok after the latest Windows update on pdf files.

Since you didn't say what program you were using, I'm going to guess you are using the Adobe Acrobat reader.

In the help menu, there is a "repair installation" option. It's possible that your reader has become corrupt.

Type alt+h for help, then arrow up and down or type e to repair the reader. Tab to yes to confirm, then wait a few minutes or seconds depending on how fast your system does it for it to finish. You'll have a fresh reader window open when it's completed.

Try opening a pdf file you know worked well before the update and see if you have better luck.


If not, the only other option that comes to mind at this moment is to run the "Setup Assistant" again that is usually run the first time after the Acrobat Reader is installed.

From the main window, alt e for the edit menu.

Up arrow to the accessibility submenu, and use right arrow to open.

Up or down arrow once to "Setup Assistant" and press enter.

After that, the options you choose, or leave as defaults will be your choice, but it could remind the program you are using a screenreader.

Let us know if you have any joy, or if you already figured it out. Good luck.


On 2/17/2019 9:49 PM, Melissa Hambleton wrote:

All of my PDF files would read just fine using JAWS 2018. The only thing that changed a couple of days ago or so was an update on my PC. I think after that, nothing reads. The PDF files I have will open fine or process the pages, I can read the title of the PDF after it opens but I’m not sure what to do?


Has this happened with anyone else or does anyone have suggestions?




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