Re: How do I get microsoft voices to be in both core voices and sapi folders?


Thank you for that. I guess it doesn't matter if the voices are under
SAPI then if onecore are more responsive or whatever. I'm still
puzzled as to why all of them didn't show up as options in NVDA when I
chose that synth to use.
One core are more responsive to use--still doesn't keep up all the way
with my typing--but does a lot better than SAPI.
My next question would be why did the default change for language for
my computer once i downloaded these voices.

What I'm meaning that instead of using English--US for my spellcheck
in MS Office it has switched between AU, GB, and CA which is really
annoying since I have auto correct entries to make typing faster in
word. I've had to re-ad all of my shortcuts because of that.
I've tried editing the languages in MS Office, but it doesn't take
even if I follow the directions to do so. That is in the region and
language setting in windows main settings, word options section, and
the language selection under the review tab.
Any ideas? I'm thinking I'm having trouble because they're varients of
English and not whole new languages.

On 2/22/19, Smiling? <> wrote:
To get to all of the SAPI's upon your system, the steps below should get you
to each of them.

Go to the directory by using Windows Key+R and type:

Open up the file using enter and you will then be as if you went to the
control panel speech tab with the various options. Now you should see all of
the SAPI's you might have on the 64Bit machine.

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I'm still wondering how to do this. I have two folders.
C> windows>speechengines>TTS> EN-US
In that folder I only have 4 files for Zira.
When I choose SAPI for synth in pref I have:
David, Hazel, and Zira.
I have another folder C>windows>speech_oneCore>engines>TTS>
In there I have the EN-USS, EN-AU, EN-EA, EN-GB, EN-CA folders
When I select Windows One Core I have these as options:
George, David, Katherine, Hazel, Susan, Linda, Zira, Richard, Mark, and

I would like to use Linda, she is in EN-CA, but I'm not sure how to
add her to the regular Speech folder for SAPI voice. I also have no
clue where the files for the other EN-US voices are in the regular
speech>engine>TTS folder
Anyone able to help me with this?


On 2/15/19, Melissa Hammitt <> wrote:
I'm using NVDA 18.4 and windows 1803
I had issue with the synth I was using before windows update. I'm
attempting to migrate to using a different one. I downloaded a few
languages to get different voices to use. I have a couple in the sapi
folder and all of them in the core voices folder. However, I made
changes to one of the voices and it is for the sapi voices ... which
don't have the voices I want to try/use.
Where on my computer do I find these voices to edit?
How do I get them to be both in sapi and core voices options for synth in
I was only able to find one voice to edit though I have multiple
voices in both sapi and core voices.

Any help will be appreciated.

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