Re: How do I get microsoft voices to be in both core voices and sapi folders?


Thank you--you're right.
After you said that I switched to the same voice but onecore synth and
there is a big difference as to how it sounds. It still mispronounces
words and I've had to add a lot of speech dictionary settings since I
had to switch, but it is better.

thanks again

On 2/22/19, Mohamed <> wrote:
OneCore is a newer speech API for Microsoft voices introduced in Windows
10. The most notable difference is that OneCore voices are slightly more
responsive than SAPI, and as far as I know it only allows Microsoft
voices, no additional voices from third parties can be added.

On 2/21/2019 11:42 PM, Missa wrote:
I figured out how to edit the voices I wanted to use. However, I still
haven't figured out how to have NVDA show all of the voices that I
have downloaded/available. in SAPI or Onecore I think.
What is thedifference between the two anyway?

On 2/21/19, Mohamed <> wrote:
You can add OneCore voices to SAPI with a registry hack.

On 2/20/2019 11:38 PM, Missa wrote:
I'm still wondering how to do this. I have two folders.
C> windows>speechengines>TTS> EN-US
In that folder I only have 4 files for Zira.
When I choose SAPI for synth in pref I have:
David, Hazel, and Zira.
I have another folder C>windows>speech_oneCore>engines>TTS>
In there I have the EN-USS, EN-AU, EN-EA, EN-GB, EN-CA folders
When I select Windows One Core I have these as options:
George, David, Katherine, Hazel, Susan, Linda, Zira, Richard, Mark, and

I would like to use Linda, she is in EN-CA, but I'm not sure how to
add her to the regular Speech folder for SAPI voice. I also have no
clue where the files for the other EN-US voices are in the regular
speech>engine>TTS folder
Anyone able to help me with this?


On 2/15/19, Melissa Hammitt <> wrote:
I'm using NVDA 18.4 and windows 1803
I had issue with the synth I was using before windows update. I'm
attempting to migrate to using a different one. I downloaded a few
languages to get different voices to use. I have a couple in the sapi
folder and all of them in the core voices folder. However, I made
changes to one of the voices and it is for the sapi voices ... which
don't have the voices I want to try/use.
Where on my computer do I find these voices to edit?
How do I get them to be both in sapi and core voices options for synth
I was only able to find one voice to edit though I have multiple
voices in both sapi and core voices.

Any help will be appreciated.

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