Re: Is Blind Tech List Dying?

Robin Frost

It seems to me that the life cycle of every list which is in its own way like a living thing seems to ebb and flow like the tide moving through periods of higher activity and lower, being on point and straying into a bit more loose chatter. I'm sure under the steadying hand and even tempered nature of our moderator it'll weather them all just fine. After all like a new relationship it's still shiny and the newness is still quite palpable. therefore the chatter of the past few days doesn't cause me much alarm as a reader or participant. In time the newness will wear off and as is the case in any relationship it'll start to take on its own unique character.
After all it is only still under a week old.
Mercifully we still have at our disposal the delete key, filters and when things get really overwhelming there's always the option of going no mail until things calm down.
Just my two cents absolutely no one asked for but I still feel welcome enough to post (smile).
Happy computing, learning and forbearing one with another everyone.

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From: rajmund
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Is Blind Tech List Dying?

Not carlos, but I'm kind of the tester of everything. The chat
group is already created. As for blindtech, I agree. Its more
like the silent drama tech. LOL! And I agree, our admin actually
cares, unlike over there, whenever they feel like, an admin note
appears. But that's pretty much it.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Is Blind Tech List Dying?

I have noticed that since Sunday, message volume on the Blind
Tech list has diminished dramatically While message volume on
this list has been very high. There have been very few messages
posted on the Blind Tech list over the past two days. Have most
Blind Tech members defected to this list? Unlike the owner of
the Blind Tech list, the owner of this list is always actively
involved in ongoing threads. But like other list members, I
would like to see more in the way of tech discussions and less in
the way of idel chit-chat. Hopefully, a separate list will be
created to handle the banter so that the main list can
concentrate on answering serious tech-related inquiries. Again,
many thanks to Carlos for doing such a great job. Now he셪l
probably ban me. LOL!


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